Amchitka Post Cemetery 1945

Front gate of the military cemetery on Amchitka Island circa 1945.    The graves to the left are the five US Navy dead and those to the right are US Army.  The white cross just bellow the large cross near the flag pole is a civilian grave.  (Photo- Charles Pospisil)



Amchitka Post Cemetery 1945


List of those interned at the Amchitka Post Cemertery during WW2

List of the 51 interned at the Amchitka Post Military Cemetery during WW2 (January 12, 1943 to September 3, 1945):

Harley Clevenger
Samuel V Skillman
Earl J Jacobs
Edward O Thurman
Socrates S Pappas
Kennith W Saxhaug
Maurice C White
Ivan Elroy Noxon
John C Gorman
William W Cassell,
John J Sheerin
Jack T Snow
Harold M Thomas
Lynn Babbitt
Edward F Wybranoski
Kenneth D Kuhn
Felix N Parrish
Earl M Jones
Albert W Strauel
Jason S Greer
Richard H Scott
Patrick E Purcell
Paul Costaney
Neil B Adams
Stephen J D’Amato
George Edward Nettles
Samuel R Harrison
Eugene H Crouch
Elbert Watts
Arthur O Sunby
Harvey C Ingram
Claude F Davis
Charles B Duvall
Valentine Hallas
Ray Orville Frisbey
Kermit E Cox
Clinton A Trent
James L Mills
Mack R Stewart
Walter C Williams Jr
Edward S Pientka
Howard Eldon Blender
Donald E Roesch
John P Carroll

Don Avery Blue
“unknown”  from USS Worden
Peter Pruden Patterson
Alvin Don Shaver
Dellie Shivers

Adam V Kandel JR
Walter L Pringle

 The cemetery was closed at the end of the war and most remains were returned to their home states at the request of relatives.  A number were moved to the national cemetery at Sitka, Alaska.

I would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of these gentlemen.